Welcome to the New England Regional Chapter of EERI, a nonprofit, technical society of engineers, geoscientists, architects, planners, public officials, and social scientists. EERI members include researchers, practicing professionals, educators, government officials, and building code regulators.

The New England Regional Chapter is currently focusing on three activities :

  1. Working Group on Issues Related to New England Seismic Activity:
  2. Lecture Series:
  3. EERI National Annual Meeting 2015

Full descriptions on these activities are provided below

Working Group on Issues Related to New England Seismic Activity: Each year, approximately six discussion groups will take place to provide an open forum for discussion and dissemination of information related to Earthquake Engineering. The intent is to stimulate cross disciplinary interactions and discussions of timely information and developments in different fields. With this intent the meetings are open to any interested parties and specific invitations will be made to those working on committees, lobbying or other activities related to the topics. Topics and meetings are coordinated by the Board of Directors.

Lecture Series: Each year, approximately six evening lectures by experts in the broad field of Earthquake Engineering. These lectures are coordinated by the Board of Directors.

EERI National Annual Meeting 2015: The New England Regional Chapter hosted and served as the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. The LOC developed the technical content and extracurricular activities related to the Annual Meeting. The LOC  coordinated with EERI National on the Program and details of the Annual Meeting.

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